Monday, August 2, 2010

Reel Insight: Episode 8 Sandra Bullock

Check out maybe my favorite episode so far.  We had so much debate and discussion about just about everything, lots hit the cutting room floor, but just to make the best show possible, I'm sure.  Rachel has been doing an amazing job editing Reel Insight and I must say thanks often and publicly.   And thanks so much to all the people who write to us at  What do you think of the podcast?  And a pretty tight leaderboard for Quoteable Quotes!  Keep it up.


Rachel said...

Sorry about chopping 40 minutes. I got so edit happy at first, just to get it under an hour, that by the end I had done more than necessary, so I'm sure there were things I could've left in no problem, but Audacity kept crashing and I was getting too frustrated to go back and add stuff. The audio being out of sync created some problems too. Not too many, but sometimes we'd be talking over each other and you couldn't understand a word. I think I'll just have to skip using the netbook from now on, or reinstall Skype and the recorder.

Jess said...

Yeah, it's a bummer about the out of sync problem, but alas it happens. Thanks for editing and I do think the under an hour part is important, so great job!