Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Movie Meme Day 17 - Favorite series of related movies

This is probably the best description of a series of movies made by the same group about a similar subject.  My first inclination was of course The Santa Clause series, but since it's not the holiday season (and those are unjustifiably not great movies), I'm going to choose the Harry Potter series.  Since there will be eight movies covering seven books of source material, it's hard to even call it a series, though franchise seems appropriate.  I'm sure I'll have more to say about how awesome they are when we get closer to the release of the final films, but I'll give you links to some great posts on other blogs about the wonder that is Harry Potter.

Andrew at Encore's World of Film and TV describes the Children of Harry Potter and the Adults of Harry Potter

Nick at Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob reminds us that there are imperfections in the series, though sometimes he sounds more like a fan than a hater when describing things he dislikes.

Fletch from Blog Cabins lists the oddest thing about Harry Potter - call it the pink elephant.

And finally, Rachel and Nick argue the merits of two different Potter films, and as a bonus you get to hear all about the Twilight series.


Nick said...

Ha... I'm a total HP nutball fan. I dislike certain things in the movies because I love the series so much :P .

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Thanks for the link darling. I missed the blogosphere...!!!

Rachel said...

HP is my favorite movie series too. Dirty secret time: I have a crush on Daniel Radcliffe! I feel like such a dirty old woman. At least he's legal now.