Friday, August 27, 2010

Movie Meme Day 27 - Best villain

The way this was worded, I somehow got into my mind that it was the best animated villain.  So I spent a while thinking about it, and I gotta say my choice still holds up even when compared to the full spectrum of villains.  Scar from The Lion King is a terrific villain and even gets to sing a song with Nazi-like hyenas marching in front of him.  He kills his brother to take over the kingdom, and banishes the heir to the throne (the Hamlet connection is hard to miss!). 


Rachel said...

Great choice. Jeremy Irons voice is simply chilling as Scar. At least Lion King ended on a much happier note than Hamlet.

Jess said...

Rachel, yeah, Disney did take a few liberties, though I wouldn't mind seeing another animated version of Hamlet that ended more true to the original.