Thursday, August 5, 2010

Movie Meme Day 05 - A movie you loathe

I'm sure I'll get a few haters for this, but a recent movie I loathe is There Will Be Blood.  I know it was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar and Daniel Day-Lewis won the Oscar for his performance.  And if a best performance Oscar is won for being as much unlike yourself while playing a character, I suppose he deserved it.  As for the movie, I think the harsh soundtrack of insects buzzing and almost no dialogue for the first hour, and then lots of insanity for the rest did not make for an enjoyable movie experience.  Paul Dano was odd as the preacher, and I will confess to using the "I drink your milkshake" quote on occasion.  However, that final scene was so out of place with the rest of the movie, it could have been from something else.  I'm not a fan of P.T. Anderson's films in general, so I couldn't see what he was trying to do with There Will Be Blood.  That's all I'll devote to a movie I loathe.

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Castor said...

Interesting, I'm not the biggest fan of P.T Anderson's style. Indeed, it is a bit overlong and could have been better edited I thought but I enjoyed it, it is so beautifully shot and incredibly well acted.

Rachel said...

I didn't like it that much either. At the time I thought it was good, mainly for the performances and cinematography, but it hasn't held up well in my memory.

Mike Lippert said...

When I walked out of this movie I didn't know what I felt about it except that it was a) a film that I will watch many times in my life and b) one that will, like all great films, be redicovered and reevaluated in the years to come.

Jess said...

Castor and Rachel, I'll agree that the performances were pretty interesting, they just didn't come together for me into a cohesive or interesting movie.

Mike, sorry we gotta disagree. I had the exact opposite reaction.