Saturday, August 7, 2010

Movie Meme Day 07 - Least favorite movie by a favorite actor or actress

This was is the first hard post from the Movie Meme so far.  I have lots of favorite actors and actresses, but no one hits the top.  And second, for the first few that came to mind, they didn't have a lot of movies that I really don't like.  However, I just thought of one.  Paul Rudd was the topic of Reel Insight a few weeks ago (as I'm sure you already know, check it out here for a refresher or just download from itunes) and probably the most disappointing movie and movie I actively disliked in the last few years.  So my least favorite Paul Rudd movie is Over Her Dead Body.  Do not see this movie.
If you must see a movie about a ghost that is actually a romantic comedy see Just Like HeavenOVDB also stars Lake Bell as the alive love interest and Eva Longoria Parker as the dead girlfriend who is trying to break up the relationship of her still living fiancee, Paul Rudd.  I like all of those actors individually, Parker is terrific on Desperate Housewives so the fact that she's shrill, annoying and whiny here (the description of Gabby Solis) and you hate her is strange.  Also, she's orange.  Whoever decided she should super tan, and then lighten her hair, creating a single color or orange from her head to her fingers and toes was on crack.  She looks terrible.  Paul Rudd isn't his loveable best, and Lake Bell is just wishy washy.  Boring, unfunny and never worth watching.

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