Saturday, August 14, 2010

Movie Meme Day 14 - Favorite film in black and white

I had to look up some details about this one.  When I first saw The Philadelphia Story, I rented it from Netflix, so I didn't see the DVD case.  When I bought my own copy it has a color cover and I'm guessing the movie has also been released in color, but it's still my favorite movie in black and white.  On a different note - I was impressed with Steven Spielberg when he refused to shoot Schindler's List in color and transform it to black and white for a theatrical release because he never wanted the movie shown in color.  He committed to the aesthetic he wanted and I think it paid off.   Back to The Philadelphia Story.  Katharine Hepburn plays Tracy Lord, a woman about to get married for the second time.  Her ex-husband, Cary Grant, has shown up to make some trouble, and Jimmy Stewart and Ruth Hussey show up as a reporter and photographer wanting to get the dirt on Tracy's family.  However, Stewart, who won an Oscar for this role, falls for Tracy, at the same time Grant kind of wants her back.  Hepburn is terrific as a woman conflicted, but still sure she doesn't really care what anyone else thinks about her.  It's a funny, romantic, dramatic, original story that has never been duplicated, though often duplicated. 

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Fletch said...

You know me with my love of the classics. I'd probably have to go with Clerks. ;)