Monday, August 9, 2010

Movie Meme Day 09 - Best scene ever

A few podcasts I've listened to lately, Casta La Vista and Frankly My Dear (both available on itunes) have dealt with Indiana Jones and so I've been thinking of all the great scenes in the first three.  Other than the refrigerator flying through the air, the fourth one doesn't have a terrific scene worth remembering.  The best scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark has to be the scene when Indy brings a gun to a knife fight and just shoots the guy who wants to fight him.  In Temple of Doom the one I like best is when they realize their eating monkey brains - still grosses me out every time.  And the scene that I think ranks as the best series of scenes ever comes from Last Crusade.  When Indy has to enter the hall and get through the challenges using the cryptic advice from his dad's diary.  When he falls through after realizing the Jehovah, in the Latin alphabet, is spelled with an i, and he falls through.  There are so many scenes from all the Indiana Jones movies, that collectively they make up the best scenes ever.

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David Bishop said...

What?! The mine cart chase is so much better than the monkey brains scene!