Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My list of Movie Podcasts

I've wanted to do a post like this for a while since beginning my own podcast, Reel Insight.  Not to suggest that you should listen to anything other than Reel Insight, but if I have time to record one and listen to others, so do you.  So AFTER you listen to Reel Insight, consider checking these out.  Also, please feel free to leave a comment about which amazing movie-related podcasts I'm missing.

1.  The LAMBcast - of course I listen to this one, I'm a proud member of the LAMB.  It's a rotating group of movie buffs, led particularly well by the LAMB major domo, Fletch from Blog Cabins.  They discuss movies in depth - sometimes random movies, sometimes popular new releases, and on occasion discuss a particular topic in it's entirety like the Pixar discussion (Episodes 29 and 30) or the films of Kevin Smith.

2.  The Dark of the Matinee - The Mad Hatter talks movies with a great format and succinct discussions.  With pertinent music choices as intro/exit music, the whole thing comes together with clarity, humor, and of course lots and lots of love of movies.

3.  NPR Pop culture - This one comes from itunes.  I like it better than their more formal Culturetopia podcast.  It's basically an accumulation of all the stories NPR has produced that week dealing with pop culture, so movies and TV most often make the cut with bits on music, art, celebrities, etc.  Since I don't commute during the best hours of NPR, this gives me all the fun stuff I miss without actual news in the middle.

4.  Smodcast - This one is movie related because it's hosts, Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier, make movies.  However, they discuss whatever comes to their minds.  This has been going on for a few years now, and they've even produced a book that is a printed version of exactly what they've said on Smodcast.  It's always funny, sometimes reveals a lot about the world of movies and definitely goes too far when it comes to sex or bodily functions and often both.  It's insanely addictive.  My only complaint is that they often run well over an hour. 

5.  This is a list within the bigger list of podcasts I've only listened to once or twice but I'm sure are worthy of more listening: The Lair of the Unwanted, Frankly My Dear, and Some cast it hot.   Also, catch old episodes of the soon to end The Demented Encyclopedia (particularly the Twilight: Eclipse discussion)

All the podcasts I've listed, including REEL Insight are available on itunes.


The Mad Hatter said...

Hey, thanks for the plug! Happened to notice it as I was listening to the most recent episode of Reel Insight. How's that for a co-ink-ee-dink?

Jess said...

Hatter - that must have been a pretty eerie moment. I'm really liking the Matineecast, the more I listen to it. It gives all the other new ones a lot to live up to!

Anonymous said...

OK... start with MILFcast. :)
/Filmcast is one of the better ones out there.
And if you like the LAMBcast, check out eps 31 and 33 for your's truly!
I am off to download Reel Insight right now!

Jess said...

Thanks Kai, I downloaded the MILFcast last night. Plan to listen today. And I promise that's my last criticism of the name. Voiced and answered - potentially the best use of the internet today.

Rachel said...

I'm on the third episode of the MILFCast and really like it. But damnit Kai, I can't get your intro music out of my head!

I listen to all the ones you mentioned except NPR and Smodcast. I find I enjoy the ones done by people I know via the internet more. Also, one to add to your list, The Simon and Jo Film Show.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... as I said in the 1st episode, that's what the thoughts dancing in my head sound like! ha
Thanks for listening, Rachel. If you have any feedback on the eps, stop by my site and let me know... and check out me and Dylan in 2 weeks.
As far as SMODcast, I feel like it used to be a lot better. Although, the live eps are still very funny and Mosier has gotten funnier as the cast has gone on.

Fletch said...

Thanks much, Jess. :)

I've got so many LAMB-related casts that I listen to that I don't make time for any that aren't. As humble as Kai is, I do heartily recommend his cast, and Frankly, My Dear as well.