Saturday, June 30, 2007

A heartwarming tale of hope, and dancing

First, I should probably explain how Stomp the Yard even arrived at my house. My movie watching partner has certain rules about the movies she'll see: children's classic stories (Charlotte's Web, Flicka), sports or competitive movies (Miracle, Bend it Like Beckham,
Music and Lyrics), almost anything British (Saving Grace, Greenfingers) and anything with Mark Wahlberg (Invincible covers 2 categories). This is to avoid seeing movies that are sad for no reason, violent beyond necessary, and that steal a little bit of your soul, even if they are Oscar winners (Last King of Scotland, The Wind that Shakes the Barley, etc.). So, for the past few years, she's done very well in finding quality entertainment. So this explains how a movie like Stomp the Yard arrived. And it was fully within her categories. There's a competitve element between 2 fraternities at a southern university over who will win a national title. There's a lot of terrific classic drama - parents wanting better for their children, children working to please their parents. And the story ends really well. Personally, I love college movies - anything that invokes the spirit of being part of a tradition - and this movie makes it clear that families come in many shapes and colors and you can create a family with enough effort and compassion. The dancing is pretty interesting to watch as it's so athletic and creative, though understanding all their cheers did require the subtitles from time to time. Overall, great Friday night watching.

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