Monday, June 4, 2007

Summer shows

If you have cable, I highly recommend checking out 2 new TNT shows this summer - both premier on Monday night, June 18. The first has been around 3 seasons already and won lots of accolades - The Closer, with Kyra Sedgwick. I've only seen the first 3 episodes of the first season, but I already love it. She's a really amazing investigator for the LAPD special murder unit (which justifies why she always investigates high profile murders). She was brought in because she's a CIA-trained interrogator who can close a case on questioning a witness alone. The writing is very sharp and incredibly carefully crafted even in the first few episodes. It seems a little like a cross being Monk and CSI (Miami, NY, or Las Vegas). It's been really good so far and I don't think you need to have seen the other seasons to catch up this summer. And premiering after The Closer will be Heartland with my favorite TV doctor (the former Andy Brown from Everwood) Treat Williams. As a friend said, it would be a waste if he didn't use all that medical training he has. I'm hoping the rest of the show is as good as he can be.

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