Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Action movies that have more than action...

Okay, it's been a little while since I posted, but I've seen 2 very impressive action movies that I assumed would fail to be interesting, but was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed both. Deja Vu and Shooter. Both movies star extremely good looking men (Denzel and Mark Wahlberg, respectively) as men a little outside the rules of their professions (ATF and military sniper) trying to save the day and thwart really bad guys from killing lots and lots of people. Deja Vu has lots of fun sci-fi elements that are pretty loosely explained, but makes for excellent shouting at the screen demanding answers (and if you shout loudly enough, and wait 4 days and 6 hours, someone might answer your questions). Shooter has impressive conspiracy theories that are also loosely explained, making for quiet shouting (since they might hear you can come and get you), but fun arguing about who's killing who and why. Overall, both are entertaining, and interesting enough to keep you watching to see very hot guys figure out the big problems with which they are faced.

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