Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Heartland has bad hair

When a show is good, I rarely notice the nitty gritty bits of a show like hair, make-up or lighting. However, all I can say about the new TNT show Heartland is that everyone on it has bad hair. It's a show with Treat Williams (who I loved from Everwood) who plays a donor surgeon. His ex-wife is a representative from the organ donation society and is neither humorous nor sympathetic and has really bad hair. There's a lot of banter between Williams and his ex-wife which is not enough to keep you interested. Plus, the background storylines for every episode starts with someone becoming an organ donor, i.e. having a horrible accident or being badly hurt. Then you meet the sob story of the people who need organs. I think organ donation is a big deal, everyone should sign their donor card and help people after you no longer need your organs, but this show makes it sound like only a sad, rather pathetic thing rather than an enormous gift of life after death. If I were you, watch The Closer, but don't bother with Heartland.

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