Friday, June 1, 2007

Bring back Nick and Nora!

Okay, I know very little about the Huffington Post, but whoever this guy is writing on it is my friend. I love Allison Janney, Timothy Busfield, Studio 60 and Aaron Sorkin, and so does he. Check out this blog on why those two should be recombined as much as possible. They were brilliant on The West Wing from season 1 through the end (though he went on break for a little while) - dealing with how to overcome a very public professional relationship and still be friends and more. I recommend checking out the last 4-5 episodes of season 7 just to see how they resolve their relationship!

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Cat said...

This is such a satisfying article. (I had read your blog entry a while ago but didn't click on the link until today.) Also, the Nick and Nora comparison is so fantastic! I really may need to rent the late seasons of West Wing just for the Janney/Busfield.