Sunday, June 10, 2007

Schizophrenic Romantic Comedy

Because I Said So had all the hallmarks of being a terrific romantic comedy - Diane Keaton, the best comedic actress with slapstick skills, Lauren Graham and Piper Perabo as Mandy Moore's fun sisters and starts out with a fun setting of wedding montages as they get married. Oh, and the whole point of the movie was to find Mandy Moore a boyfriend. It started off being very much like what you'd expect a romantic comedy to be - though Keaton was a little over the top when interviewing potential boyfriends. Then the movie loses a lot of momentum on the funny side when all the different betrayals are outed (Moore's dating 2 guys, one for her mom and another cause he's hot, but not quite right for her, and the fact that Keaton interviewed these guys ahead of time) and it turns out Keaton is much closer to crazy than we originally thought - this is where the movie takes on more of an offbeat indie film that doesn't try too hard where we realize that Moore and Keaton are very much like each other (there are mirrored scenes where they're each rearranging furniture) and need to leave each other alone. And like a good Romantic comedy, it does end with everyone happy. Overall, it's a very uneven movie that doesn't keep the pace of a comedy or a drama very well. There should have been more scenes with Graham and Perabo and their interactions between Mother and youngest sister - those were funny. Decent rainy day rental, but I'd stick with The Station Agent or The Painted Veil or Knocked Up first.

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