Saturday, June 23, 2007

Catch and Release on DVD

For those of you who missed Jennifer Garner in Catch and Release, I highly recommend catching it (pun intended). It falls into a category of movies I describe as mis-marketed. They failed to market the movie for what it was - a story of recovering from grief and finding out who you are and that maybe we don't need to know everything about people we love. It was marketed as a romantic comedy, and it would have failed on that point. First, it is funny - Kevin Smith is perfect as a grown-up man-child who plays video games, but it is obvious he is devastated by his friend's death. Jennifer Garner plays funny and bereft really well, and often in the same scene. Her recovery from the ups and downs of dealing with her fiance's death show a real person's struggle, with all the funny bits she does so well - like frantically painting her new room robin's egg blue while insisting it's Marrakesh Dream all to avoid finding out about her fiance's illegitimate child. It's a really good movie, and if they'd marketed it for what it really was, rather than trying to swing romantic comedy, the reviews would have reflected its quality.


Cat said...

We watched this on Thursday night! I love Kevin Smith in this, though Paul and I disagreed about his use of the word "sir" (one of his own verbal tics that he added to the character). I think it's adorable, and it drives Paul crazy. So I'm now trying to remember to call him "Sir" every once in a while. :-)

B-Mama said...

Thanks for the tip! I remember wanting to see it while it was in theatres, but it sounds like a good one to "catch" while curled up on the couch! Hugs, B :)