Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ah, to be terrific, radiant and humble.

The updated, live-action version of E.B. White's Charlotte's Web is not a huge improvement on the 1973 animated version because it doesn't have fun songs like "Zuckerman's Famous Pig". Other than that, it's a pretty great family movie. The animal voices have a lot more attitude, and even the goose and gander make it fun when they're around. John Cleese as the sheep (I think he voices all of them) is terrific. Unfortunately, Charlotte looks a little more true to life, but the increased number of eyes and the lack of eyelashes from the animated version makes her final good-bye more creepy than teary. Overall, the movie is really fun, and I'm sure will become a children's classic, but I have to admit I missed the animals singing. The best bit is Steve Buscemi as the rat, Templeton - spot on casting.


Cat said...

I do love that cartoon so much! Is Dakota Fanning getting too old to play this kind of role, or was she convincing? I love the idea of Steve Buscemi as Templeton. There is something a bit rat-like about his look anyway!

Jess said...

Dakota Fanning is totally perfect as Fern. She grew up just enough to make it realistic that she's got her first crush near the end of the movie. Oprah and Cedric the Entertainer play the goose and gander, and they're terrific too.