Monday, April 4, 2011

Reel Insight Episode 40: Jo-Go

After a week away we came back stronger and longer.  Rachel's voice is back, so we discuss the Millennium Trilogy, Wrecked, The Lincoln Lawyer, and some TV Talk with Veronica Mars and the Grey's Anatomy musical episode.  Then it's on to a discussion of one of the greatest actors working today: Joseph Gordon-Leavitt (Jo-Go).  From his early days on "3rd Rock from the Sun" to last summer's Inception, there's a lot to say.  Enjoy.

New movies I saw this week with Jo-Go himself:

Uncertainty - A parallel worlds kind of movie (Sliding Doors is better), with Jo-Go and his girlfriend, Lynn Collins, split into two different days in New York City.  In one, they spend the day with her family, discussing their relationship.  In the other, they find a cell phone in a cab that turns out to belong to a terrorist/mobster and spend the day trying to stay safe.   Not a bad flick, but the visuals were a bit too much - to distinguish the different stories they split them into yellow and green, from the clothes they're wearing to the filters on the lens.  Interesting stories that just didn't blend particularly well.  

Brick - I'm so glad I finally saw this movie.  A film noir reminiscent of a Raymond Chandler detective black and white, except it's set in a California high school.  The dialogue is sharp, totally out of place for a high school, but the acting is so good they carry it off perfectly.  A murder mystery of the drug-lord type, brilliantly made movie.  

GI: Joe The Rise of Cobra - Jo-Go was nearly unrecognizable, and the story didn't make much sense at all.  I wasn't expecting much, but it was just so strange I'm not sure what to say.  

Latter Days - Follows a young gay waiter who decides to try to corrupt the new Morman missionaries that just moved in.  Well, one of them happens to be gay too, so it works, but ruins the kid's life.  Jo-Go plays a racist, bigoted Morman Elder.  It's barely more than an after-school special from the 1980s.   


Kano said...

is this on iTunes? I am not receiving it yet.

Jess said...

K - It doesn't seem to be there yet, my ipod touch can't see it yet either. I'll check with Rach.

Kano said...

Thanks, Jess!

Jess said...

It's up and working on itunes right now. I hope you got it already - send in your guesses for Quoteable Quotes!

Rich said...

I didn't realize JoGo had done so many indie films. Some of them sound interesting, like 'Brick.' I'd really like to see that one. I wasn't really aware of him until 'Inception', where I remember wondering afterwards, 'Who's that guy who looks like Keanu Reeves?'

'Shadowboxing' was Lee Daniels' film prior to 'Precious.' That might explain the unusual casting. 'Stop Loss' was Kimberly Pierce's follow-up to 'Boys Don't Cry' and I had high hopes for it, until the negative reviews came. Judging by your opinions, I'll probably never see it.