Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wednesday's Movie Mashup No. 4

Last week's clue:

" A famous porn star goes on vacation on the North Carolina coast and falls in love during a hurricane"

Answer:  Boogie Nights in Rodanthe

Leader board:
David - 2

New clue: "A guy has psychedelic dreams that might be true about crazy girls who are attacking him with flying robots.  Luckily, a reporter saves the day."

Good luck!  Leave an answer in the comments.


The Mad Hatter said...

Vanilla Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

(That was really hard)

David Bishop said...

Yes, so hard it took you 4 minutes to answer. How can I beat you with your lightning speed, Hatter?!

The Mad Hatter said...

Last week I got it in thirty that measure, it took me eight times as long to figure this out.

That's hard!

(Didn't help that my recollection of Sky Captain is spotty at best)

Jess said...

Very well done. They'll get easy again. We have a tie at two apiece.

Rachel said...

Damn! I was out at dinner. Doesn't matter. I would've never gotten that one having not seen either film.

Sebastian Gutierrez said...

Damn it! I'm always arriving late to these! Totally would have guessed this one. The reporter thing gives it away.

Jess said...

Rachel - I'm sure you'll get in there soon.

Sebastian - Glad you thought it wasn't too hard.

Since I'm not trying to trick anyone, just a reminder, the posts go up Wednesdays at 7pm EST. Plan accordingly.

Fletch said...

I agree with Hatter. This one was definitely tougher than the prior ones.

Frankly, My Dear said...

I would watch that a lot.