Sunday, April 24, 2011

Reel Insight Episode 43: Emma Thompson

I have previously described my love for Emma Thompson, but this time I got to talk about it with Rachel!   Of course, we talked about other things too, but tried to keep it short so you don't get too far behind.  Enjoy!

New movies with Emma Thompson:

In the Name of the Father - Good Daniel Day-Lewis movie, short on the Emma Thompson.  Look for this in a future DDL episode.

Dead Again - I really liked this mystery that involves amnesia and past lives.  Oh, and directed by Kenneth Branaugh and starring him and his then-wife Thompson.

Impromptu - Odd period drama about author George Sand (a woman) and her obsession with the musician Chopin.  A little too period, but Judy Davis is awesome.  Hugh Grant at Chopin is terrible.


CS said...

Good episode ladies! I first became aware of Emma Thompson with Dead Again. Absolutely love the film and was glad you enjoyed it as well Jess. The other Branaugh/Thompson pairings you should watch are Henry V and Peter's Friends.

Rich said...

I second both of those movies. She's not in 'Henry V' that much, but it's still a kick-ass movie well worth watching. I think you'd dig 'Peter's Friends' too; it's kind of like a British 'Big Chill.'

I think it's a bit unfortunate that Thompson hasn't done more screenwriting. I'd like to see her do something more contemporary. Maybe if she teamed up with a director like Joe Wright or Tom Hooper?

I think 'Much Ado' might've been the first time I'd seen her as well. Definitely one of my favorite Shakespeare movies, along with 'Henry V.'