Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesdays Movie Mashup No. 22

Hatter took over again!  Then he and Fletch teased each other for a while - go check it out.

Last week's clue: A bunch of ladies take their clothes off to raise money while some younger ladies try to dance their way to fame.  

Answer: Calendar Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Hatter - 11
David - 3
James, Dylan - 2

Sebastian, Andrew, Rachel, Nick - 1


New Clue: A woman is really, really, really, really unsure about getting married but a murderous doll convinces her marriage might be a good thing. 
The goal is to figure out the two movies who overlap in some words creating a new movie described by the clue.  Leave your answer in the comments. Good luck! 


Rachel said...

Runaway Bride of Chucky

Fletch said...



Rachel said...

Sometimes, but not today...

Sebastian Gutierrez said...

Fuck, fuck, fuck! I'm kicking myself. I saw this on twitter at the "19 mins ago" mark, and was all like, "Oh, I'm probably too late. I'll just check it later". And then I come here, instantly know what it is, and discover that the winner got here at the 45 minute mark.


Jess said...

Congrats Rach!

Fletch - I'd never cheat. Again.

Sebastian - it really varies now that the time changes. It's take more than 90 minutes sometimes. Always check.