Monday, April 18, 2011

Podcasts galore!

Just in case you can't get enough of me, there's a lot of me to go around.  First, of course, listen to the newest episode of Reel Insight.  The Mad Hatter joins us to discuss lots and lots of Steven Spielberg.  Longest episode in a while (with some terrific editing by Rachel).  Also, we talked about all the new movies I saw this week, so I'm not going to review them here (how do you review the classic Spielberg films anyway).

Second, you can hear more of Rachel and I on the MILFcast.  You'll never believe the scores of The Game.  It's amazing.

And saving the best for last, check out Muppets vs. Toons on the Demented Podcast!  Nick and I debate two  movies and then play the new Tower.

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Fletch said...

It's a crazy Jesschel week! Look forward to listening to all of them, of course.