Saturday, June 5, 2010

TV Meme: Day 5

Day 05 - A show you hate

I actually had to think pretty hard about this one.  There's usually some part of a show that I can enjoy, and usually a show just doesn't grab me because it's slow or boring.  It's rare that I actually hate a show.  However, if I go back just a little, I found that I do hate Everybody Loves Raymond.  I don't think there's an actor on that show that I even enjoy in other things (Peter Boyle was good in The Dream Team, but that's all that comes to mind).  Doris Roberts won a few Emmys for her role as the world's most annoying mother-in-law, but it's actually painful to watch her perform most of the time.  I've seen a few episodes, mostly on planes where you're trapped, so it's not that I haven't seen anything and just dislike it on principle.  I don't find Ray Romano funny (his new show Men of a Certain age had a funny pilot, and then became painfully dull).  That's all I can say about it without ripping on a show that was on 9 seasons, so obviously some people liked it.  


David Bishop said...

I actually love Everybody Loves Raymond, but I'm aware of people that don't like it.

The most common complaint I hear is that it hits too close to home. I know people who don't find it funny because they just go "wait, that horrible thing actually happens in my family."

Whereas I watch it and go "Wait, that horrible thing actually happens in my family," but I'm able to use to as a sort of cathartic thing to deal with the real life issues. I like the way the show tackles marital conflict and often times I'm appreciating it more for things like that than the comedy, but I do find it funny very often.

Rachel said...

I do hate Everybody Loves Raymond

I just love the irony of that sentence. I didn't watch this, but if it was on CBS I probably wouldn't care for it.

Anyway, today's topic was difficult for me too. If I don't like a show from the get-go, I simply don't watch it.

Jess said...

@ David - I know there are people who love it, but they're just so unbelievably mean and cruel that I just don't want to watch.

@ Rachel - Thanks for the props for my odd sentence construction, but it's true, I don't even like listening to commercials for ELR.