Wednesday, June 2, 2010

TV Meme: Day 2

Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching

I watch a lot of popular TV - Grey's Anatomy, CSI, etc.  But I wish more people would tune in for some of the summer shows like Royal Pains, Burn Notice or The CloserRoyal Pains is entering its second season this Thursday on USA.  It's about Hank and his brother Evan.  Hank was an ER doc in Manhattan, but because he chose to save a kid rather than prioritize a hospital donor, and gets fired.  During some time to cool off in the Hamptons, he starts getting hired as a private doctor for the rich and secretive out in the Hamptons.  He makes some friends, and Evan becomes his manager.  He also hires Divya as his PA, a young Indian-American woman who is trying to avoid her upcoming arranged marriage.  Mark Feuerstein is charming as Hank, the least developed character, but gives all the other characters a chance to develop and shine a bit.  Campbell Scott plays Boris, a mysterious rich guy who hires Hank and gives him a place to stay.  We still don't know what illness Boris has, but it's been silly finding out - he had a live shark brought to his house.  Hank's also trying to date the administrator of the year-round hospital too, but that keeps having trouble.  It's a fun little show that I hope more people will watch this year.