Saturday, June 26, 2010

TV Meme: Day 26 (Spoilers!)

Day 26 - OMG WTF? Season finale

I'm sure there are lots of season finale cliff-hangers.  ER seemed to thrive on them, and it definitely helps the ratings of the first fall show if people have to wait to find out who lives and who dies and often there's a wedding or the potential for one.  And that's what defined my favorite finale: Grey's Anatomy last year.  It was of course a big two-hour affair, with the goal of Derek and Meredith's big wedding at the end.  However, it ended with Izzy and Alex married, Izzy struggling for her life because her cancer is taking over, and a John Doe who stepped in front of  bus.  We find out in the last 2 minutes that the unidentified John Doe was actually our dear George O'Malley and he was dying.  As part of the dying scenes we see Izzy riding up on an elevator (like she did several seasons ago when she was meeting Denny who had died) and she sees George in a military uniform waiting for her.  We had to wait to see for sure who had died and who had survived.  However, thanks to the wonder of the internet, we knew that T.R. Knight's contract had ended and that Katherine Heigl had struggled to get out of hers but would definitely be returning, so it wasn't quite the cliff-hanger it might have been.   

Also, have to shout-out to the season finale of Dexter season 4, but won't spoil that one.

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