Sunday, June 13, 2010

TV Meme: Day 13

Day 13 - Favorite childhood show

There were lots of TV shows I liked as a kid: all the Saturday morning cartoons like Thundercats and Transformers.  However, my favorite childhood show that I still enjoy watching today is Star Trek: The Next Generation.  It started when I was about 8, and my whole family would watch it together at least for the first few seasons.  I still like it today and watch the reruns occasionally.  I never got into it as a cultural phenomenon, I was definitely an adult when I learned about conventions (probably when I saw Galaxy Quest, a terrific parody of Star Trek while being an amazing stand-alone movie) and never had any interest as dressing up like a character or learning imaginary languages, but I still think it's a terrific show.  The show changed and adapted from season to season without making it a big deal, just assuming that things might not all stay the same all the time.  The uniforms improved, the acting seemed more practiced, even the special effects improved.  Rather than statically remaining the same for the whole series, which surely would have bombed, things changed while retaining all the stand-alone aspects of an individual episode.  I think of this as a childhood TV series, though it wasn't exactly meant for children.  


Buttercup said...

I'm in a totally different generation, but it's a toss between "Donna Reed" or "Father Knows Best." Of course "Leave it to Beaver" is coming up fast on the inside. So hard to pick.

Cat said...

Yay! I have such happy childhood memories of watching ST:TNG reruns (they came on after Happy Days) when I got home from the beach in the late afternoon. The show may not have been pitched towards children, but there's definitely something reassuringly just and paternal about Picard, and the Enterprise in this incarnation is a highly functional family (complete with touchy-feely Aunt Deanna, pragmatist Mama Beverly, nerdy sons Data and Wesley, growly-with-a-heart-of-gold Worf, and popular playboy [oldest child?] Riker)