Monday, July 25, 2011

Reel Insight Episode 55: Harrison Ford and Rachel's Mom

We've been hoping to cover Han Jones a few times now (doesn't have the same ring as Rachel's Indiana Solo does it?) and our Quoteable Quotes winner for June chose to join us in this discussion.  First, of course we do a pretty great back and forth on Harry Potter 7.2 with Monica (aka Rachel's Mom).  Some more Twin Peaks discussion - have we bored you completely yet?

New movies with Mr. Ford:
Crossing Over (2009) - The cast, including Ray Liota, Ashley Judd and lots of character actors you'd recognize promised a pretty interesting movie about the varied immigration policies in the US.  From a father being naturalized but maintaining old world ideas about his American daughter to a sweat-shop mother being deported and trying to get back to her son to a young Korean boy figuring out what this country might really be about to an Aussie actress who wants a green card to achieve her dreams.  Harrison Ford as the immigration cop ties all the stories together well.  As a movie about a topic covered extensively, I was pleasantly surprised by the originality and diversity of the cases of immigration.  Ford plays a softie cop who actually cares about some of these cases which makes the viewer care too.

Hollywood Homicide - This is the flipside version of his good cop in Crossing Over - he doesn't care about anything except his sideline real estate deals and the fact that his partner, Josh Hartnett, really wants to be an actor and is already a yoga teacher on the side.  Based on a true story, I'm just glad I don't live in LA and have to rely on these particular detectives to protect me.   Also, it's really terrible to watch Josh Hartnett pretend to act.

Blade Runner - I've tried watching this many times in the past and just never got into it.  I made myself pay attention to it all the way through and still didn't really get the love for it.  However, as a fairly complicated movie about lots of different topics, I'm sure I need to see it again.  If you love this movie, PLEASE encourage me to see it again and tell me why you love it. 

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