Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesdays Movie Mashup No. 35

Well, it's finally happened.  I usually post at least twice a week - sometimes it's as little as posting an update about the podcast and posting this game.  Well, it finally happened that the previous post to this one is last week's game.  I'm so embarrassed.  I'm going to blame the holiday and the fact that I've been working a lot and not watching as many new things lately.  Hopefully next week I'll have such a relaxing vacation I'll be motivated to start writing a ton of new things.  Perhaps creativity will return.  But for now I'll congratulate Hatter for winning and extending his lead

Last week's clue: A crazy scientist is sucked through a vortex and emerges in the time of the dinosaurs where he meets a young married girl, unhappy to be stuck in Japan while her husband takes pictures.

Answer: The Land of the Lost in Translation


Hatter - 15
Rachel - 5
James - 4
David, Nick - 3
Dylan - 2

Sebastian, Andrew, Andy  - 1

New clue:  A UN agent gets caught in international espionage shenanigans by almost causing nuclear holocaust using the equivalent of a self-aware ATARI.  
The goal is to figure out the two movies who overlap in some words creating a new movie described by the clue.  Leave your answer in the comments. Good luck! 


The Mad Hatter said...

Lord of War Games

The Mad Hatter said...

Make that Charlie Wilson's War Games ( lucky it's such a late entry eh?)

Nick said...

Dang! I've been literally checking all day. And the time I stop, it's posted. Oh well, I didn't know it, anyway.

Jess said...

Sorry. It's still not quite right. The UN isn't part of either of your guesses

Kano said...

The Art of War Games

Jess said...

That's a BINGO! And Keith is on the board! Well done.

Kano said...

I'd like to thank the Academy, my mother and everyone who said I couldn't do it......FINALLY!