Monday, July 25, 2011

Comments on the Emmy nominations

I was away on vacation when the Emmy nominations were announced, and they didn't make a huge impression on the news pages I read besides the acknowledgement of my favorite "Friday Night Lights" for Best Drama.  However, going through the actual nominees today there were quite a few I was surprised by and others I was particularly happy to see.  I'll just go in the order they appear here on IMDB.

First, for it's final season (though rumors abound about a continuation), "Friday Night Lights" was nominated for Best Drama.  It also seems like a year it could possibly win - with "Dexter" and "Mad Men" and "The Good Wife" coming off solid, but hardly spectacular years, though "Game of Thrones" might throw a wrench in things, but as it's still airing, it might not have the votes this year.   And the Emmys do tend to award shows that have been solid, but are no longer on the air.

For a very strange coincidence I've already seen more than half of the Miniseries nominated this year, and another is in my DVR queue to watch.  Just odd that I've seen those this year.  Wish I'd caught Kate Winslet's "Mildred Pierce."

I honestly can't believe both Johnny Galecki AND Jim Parsons are both nominated for Best Actor in a Comedy series for "The Big Bang Theory" but since I adore the show, I'm happy for them both.  Parsons won last year, so I doubt he'll repeat and I don't think Galecki stands up to the other nominees, and it's Carell's last year.

The Lead Actor in a Drama is totally a toss-up with several newish nominees including repeat Kyle Chandler and first-timer Timothy Olyphant for "Justified" which is only improving with time I'm told.  Very big year for the men.

In the Lead Actress in a Comedy two big and welcome surprises - Melissa McCarthy for "Mike and Molly" and Martha Plimpton for "Raising Hope".  Both are the hysterical centers of their respective shows and have been creating some terrific TV.  I caught a bunch of "Mike and Molly" and "Modern Family" on my flights and they're terrific.

In Lead Actress in a Drama, not really surprises, but happy acknowledgements of very strong work for Mirielle Enos in "The Killing" (though her style of acting bothers me, she stares a LOT) and of course Connie Britton for "Friday Night Lights" in probably her strongest year.

Last year, the Supporting categories were full of terrific nuanced performances, and this year the four men of "Modern Family" were all nominated for good work, but really, no Neil Patrick Harris?  Seriously?   And for the women, yeah it's great that Betty White got nominated for "Hot in Cleveland" but no other surprises.
But men and women in a Drama had some good showings with Michelle Forbes from "The Killing" and Peter Dinklage from "Game of Thrones" and Josh Charles and Alan Cumming from "The Good Wife".

Finally, for the Reality stuff, it's nice to see "So You Think You Can Dance" thrown into the big prizes after winning lots of choreography and costume awards already.

Any thoughts from others?


Kano said...

Community continues to get robbed. I still cant believe that the entire cast, basically, of Modern Family was nominated. It's a good, funny show, but that probably shouldn't happen.

Also, kinda hard to believe Busy Phillips wasn't nominated for supporting actress. She won at the critic's choice awards for her role on Cougar Town.

Jess said...

Community was totally robbed - didn't even think of that - particularly for supporting. The Modern Family all putting in for supporting really bothers me - Julie Bowen, Ed O'Neil and Ty Burrell are totally leads. Eric Stonestreet/Jesse Tyler Ferguson/Sophia Vergara are supporting.

Very surprised Busy Phillips wasn't there. It's harder to remember the misses than to enjoy the ones that made it.