Monday, July 11, 2011

Reel Insight Episode 54: Jason Bateman

We had a pretty great time figuring out that Mr. Bateman has had a pretty strange career.  First, though, Rachel and I discussed Horrible Bosses and happythankyoumoreplease and get to the murder of Laura Palmer in "Twin Peaks" finally.  Though in true Lynchian spirit, we actually know nothing.  Then on to the career of Jason Bateman from child star to leading man, kinda.  Check it out!

New Movies watched with Jason Bateman this week:

Love Stinks - This was sooo terrible.  French Stewart stars as a TV writer (Bateman is the star of his show) who is a commitment-phobe.  Enter Bridgitte Wilson who desperately wants to marry.  The worst cliches of all bad romantic comedies.  

The Ex - Zach Braff and Amanda Peet are married and having a baby.  They relocate with Braff taking a job with Peet's dad (Charles Grobin).  Peet's high school crush, Chip (Bateman) also works there and of course Braff is intimidated by him and his relationship with Peet.  Oh, and he's a total douche who is completely trying to sabotage Braff and he's in a wheelchair.  It's a pretty strong departure for Bateman and it pays off.  Braff gets to shine as the crazy one and Bateman takes on the horrible guy rather than the straight man to others humor.  Not a terrific movie, but a great Bateman performance. 3/5 stars/lambs

The Switch - This one could have been really really terrible (see previous Aniston work), but it's actually pretty charming, mostly due to Bateman and Thomas Robinson as the kid.  They have great chemistry and strangeness and do a terrific job selling the concept.  The movie spends a LOT of time trying to sell the idea that Bateman switches his "jizz" with Patrick Wilson's donation.  However, Bateman was drunk and doesn't remember doing this.  Totally unbelievable.  But it still works as a movie.  3.5/5 stars/lambs

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