Monday, May 23, 2011

Reel Insight Episode 47: Brad Pitt!! Oh, and Dylan too.

Our fifth new guest on the show - Fletch from the new site, Man I love Films, joined us as the April Quoteable Quotes winner.  His choice was a pretty obvious one and in general had few duds among his stuff.  We dropped TV talk for this episode, and had fun talking about lots and lots of other movies!  If you have feedback, please e-mail us at reelinsight at  Thanks!   Oh, and thanks to the people who nominated REEL INSIGHT for the LAMMYS!


The Mad Hatter said...

You're welcome.

Fletch said...

Pretty obvious? Again - episode 47! :D

Jess said...

It was pretty obvious given he's your favorite, but we were holding him back just for you, didn't ya know?

CS said...

Awesome show ladies! So much can be said about Brad Pitt’s work, but I will offer only these few simple comments:

Kalifornia: Love this film. Pitt was great in it, and it was the first time that Michelle Forbes really stood out as an actress for me.

Meet Joe Black: I lump this film in the same category as City of Angels. Both are unconvincing love stories that are far longer than the need to be. You know a film is bad when you take glee in the fact that one of the main characters gets hit by a vehicle.

The Mexican: I still cannot fathom what people like about this movie. I hear more praise than pans about the film which is surprising because I thought the film was an absolute mess.

Quotes: Go and Twelve Monkeys?