Monday, May 16, 2011

Guys of the 90s - Round One: Antonio Banderas (8) vs Tom Cruise (1)

While Wesley Snipes put up a good fight, and a little debate, Mel's past overcame his present to advance to Round 2.  Today's matchup has two stars from Interview with a Vampire, but given it's another 1/8 matchup, I think I can predict where it will go.  Looks like Mrs. Fletch and I know the stars.

Antonio Banderas - 90s Highlights: Desperado, Evita, The Mask of Zorro

Tom Cruise - 90s Highlights: Mission Impossible, A Few Good Men, Jerry Maguire


Alex said...

Jeez people, have you SEEN Desperado? Mask of Zorro?

Antonio Banderas rules, Tom Cruise hella drools.

Alex said...

oh PS I'm really glad you're doing this tournament!

Multiplex Slut said...

Oh, HAS to be Cruise. An 80s icon but indispensable man of the 90s too. Interview with the Vampire, c'mon!

Jess said...

@Alex - Thanks! I'm happy to help fill a gap.

@Multiplex Slut - They were BOTH in Interview with a Vampire, so doesn't really help pick one.

Fletch said...

Yeah, this was a no-brainer as well. Antonio might have his appeal, but it can't match 90s-era Cruise.