Thursday, May 19, 2011

Reel Insight Episode 46: Whoopi Goldberg

This is a particularly special episode.  First, the Star of the Week was chosen at the request of one of our listeners (yes, this does work eventually).  Second, Rachel and I got the chance to record some of it IN PERSON!!!  Yes, indeed, we finally met.  I know you're shocked that we weren't already besties, but at least now we both know that we're smokin' hot chicks in addition to wonderful podcasting partners.  Eleven months in, we're still going strong!  Thanks for making the trip Rachel (and Brad) - next time I'll drive.


Kano said...

Hey all of you. Plattsburgh seems like a great central location for all of us to meet, right Jess? ;-)

Jess said...

Definitely. Very easy to get to.

Nick said...

Smokin' hot indeed.