Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guys of the 90s - Round One: Jamie Foxx (6) vs John Cusack (3)

Well, Harrison Ford took out the still wet behind the ears Christian Bale.  Bale will have a future in these tournaments so it's hard to begrudge Ford.  But today's matchup pits an Oscar winner against the winner of the Dudes of the 80s.  Hard to pick, but again it's what they did in the 90s.

Jamie Foxx - 90s Highlights: Any Given Sunday, Booty Call, The Truth About Cats and Dogs

John Cusack - 90s Highlights: Grosse Pointe Blank, Con Air, Being John Malkovich

1 comment:

Fletch said...

LOL - I had no idea Foxx was in The Truth About Cats and Dogs. That seems random.

Cusack's a dark horse to win this, just as he snuck through the 80s to win...