Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Guys of the '90s Tournament!

For the past 2 years Fletch over at Blog Cabins has been running March Madness type tournaments to determine the most iconic ladies of the 80s and the 90s.   Last year he even ran a Dudes of the 80s Tournament. However, this year, he decided someone should enjoy finding all the photos of the hot guys of the 90s, and he passed this tournament off to me.  And so Insight into Entertainment will be hosting: 


With some help from Fletch himself, and lots of help from Mrs. Fletch, here is the list and seedings of our guys.  There is definitely some overlap from the 80s, many are still making movies this year even.   My hope is that the winner will represent the best of the 1990s - action stars, romantic leads, "winners" all.  Try to think back to their movies of the 1990s (I'll give you some examples to jog your memory) and vote for the best.   The first matchup will start tomorrow, so please come back and vote for your GUY OF THE 90's.

1 Brad Pitt   
1 Will Smith   
1 Tom Cruise   
1 Johnny Depp
2 Mel Gibson
2 Keanu Reeves
2 Leonardo DiCaprio
2 Eddie Murphy
3 Denzel Washington
3 Matt Damon
3 John Cusack
3 Robert Downey Jr.  
4 Ben Affleck 
4 George Clooney
4 Christian Bale 
4 Bruce Willis
5 Harrison Ford
5 Matthew McConaughey 
5 Michael J. Fox
5 Charlie Sheen 
6 Nicolas Cage
6 Ewan McGregor 
6 Jamie Foxx
6 Patrick Swayze
7 Wesley Snipes
7 Guy Pearce
7 Mark Wahlberg 
7 Kevin Costner
8 Billy Crudup
8 Tim Robbins
8 Antonio Banderas
8 Benicio delToro


Nick said...

If the Ladies of the 90s Tourney is any indication, I have a sinking suspicion Johnny Depp is gonna take this.

Jess said...

Yeah, but while Angelina didn't, I wouldn't have a problem with Depp's 90s Icon status.

Kano said...

this is ridiculous, why would anyone want to vote for hotties of anything.


blake said...

Excellent idea. If Brad Pitt doesn't win, I'll be sad.

Fletch said...

You didn't tell me you were starting this so soon - awesome!