Sunday, April 25, 2010

Early Season Finales

**Some spoilers, but if you don't watch these shows, consider it philosophical rather than spoiling anything **
Three shows I have really enjoyed this season ended a bit early considering May sweeps haven't even started. Ugly Betty, Damages, and Project Runway all completed their seasons, and in the case of Ugly Betty (and possibly Damages) it's the end of the series. Ugly Betty did what the best finales do, wrap up all the stories enough that avid fans are satisfied without putting everything to rest. Betty was slowly wrapped up, she lost her braces, started dressing better, and straightened her hair more. It made her look more professional and fashionable (helpful given where she works) and it was done gradually enough that it didn't seem like it was something she forced. Her sister got married, and she seemed to have a job she was going to like, and possibly a romantic interest we didn't have to watch unfold, but were content was okay.

Damages, however, wrapped up the mysteries of the series slowly and with very little satisfaction to the ending. The character we'd known was dead from the first episode of this season was still dead at the end of the season, and they kept us guessing who might have actually done it, but by the time it was revealed, I didn't care. There were a few false starts, but basically in this season a whole bunch of people died, mostly bad guys, but no one I was upset to see go. There were mysteries that didn't really matter (who cares that Ellen was nearly (but not) given away as a child?), and people going a little crazy for no obvious reason (Patty dreaming again and again about the baby she lost which we knew about in the first season). All in all, I enjoyed much of the season, but not the finale. I didn't watch season 2 and don't think I'll watch again should it get renewed.

I wrote the beginning of this post earlier, but had to wait until Project Runway showed to conclude the post, and man it just got worse as it went along. I was happy that Seth Aaron won the season, but this had to be the most boring finale EVER. Usually they do a reunion show BEFORE the finale, and we get to find out what the finalists thought about their performances on the show. Also, there's usually some sort of final challenge where the producers force the finalists to be more creative at the last minute, and they bring back some other rejects to help them complete it all in time. Those were fun. There was also often a scandal about how things were paid for (Kara's boots, Jeffrey's wigs). This year, NOTHING. Just the show, some analysis, and over. So odd. Very disappointing. But I'll definitely still keep watching. (PS - Why did Seth Aaron make his hair look like earmuffs?)

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