Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I was trying to think of a movie in which Easter is even mentioned, and I couldn't think of very many. I was trying to avoid many of the movies that show the sources of Easter. I'm thinking more of the chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs. The only one I could think of barely mentions Easter, but when you think about it, Easter figures prominently at least twice in Steel Magnolias. Based on a play by the same name (which I saw with Cherry Jones as Dolly Parton's character Truvy), there are 3 main acts: Getting ready for Shelby's wedding (Julia Roberts) which seems to be taking place right around Easter as Truvy has been dying eggs to send to the church get hidden. Weezer smashes them in the trunk when her dog gets scared and runs away. The second act is when Shelby has returned, and though diabetic and advised against it, has decided to have a child. The third act (spoiler, but this movie is several decades old at this point) is when Shelby dies and it's several months after the funeral we see her son playing at the Easter egg hunt with all the other main characters. I think the colors and the fact it takes place in spring always makes that last scene seem a little less sad, even though I'm usually still crying. That and Dolly Parton squealing, "I'm a chain" always makes me giggle.

Anyway, there's your Easter movie. Enjoy!


Buttercup said...

There is nothing that makes that last scene upbeat for me, but it's a favorite movie. Of course there's always "Easter Parade." Happy Easter wishes!

Tom said...

Oh yeah, I forgot this takes place at Easter.

Rachel said...

I love this movie too. I think the Southern overtones are what connect me to it the most, but it's an absolutely beautiful story by a strong cast of women.