Friday, June 6, 2008

Summer TV is the best candy...

The summer TV season has started and while the networks move to all reality or reruns, the cable channels bring out their big guns, or at least their funny ones. While I agree with my fellow blogger Fletch's take on their commercials, I still like their shows. And since they're all fairly randomly returning, I need at least one commercial to find out when they're arriving. Anyway, the first one to start has premiered already and I've seen the first two episodes, so I thought I'd review it. Here goes:

In Plain Sight (Sundays, 10pm on USA) stars Mary McCormack (who I really liked as a secretive NSA agent on The West Wing) as a U.S. Marshall with the Witness Protection Program. She works out of Albuquerque, NM and relocates people who have made agreements to testify against bigger criminals. Some of the people she protects are criminals themselves and seem to have a hard time leaving the business, so Mary (also her character name) has to step in to keep them from getting killed. Alternatively, she protects totally innocent people, like witnesses to crimes - accountants to drug dealers, or kids who saw their dad shoot their mom. It's really funny, but still a little dark and thriller like. Occaisonally they (Mary has a partner) actually have to solve little crimes to figure out who has found their protectee. It's a fun show that I DVR and watch while I work. It's not overly complicated and Mary is trying to survive living with her mother (Leslie Ann Warren still channeling her ditsy character from Will & Grace) and now her mysterious sister (Nicole Hiltz - on hiatus from The Riches). It'll be a fun series and promises not to disappoint.

Here are the shows I intend to watch and their advertised premiere date. Also, links to my reviews of previous seasons.

Weeds - June 16 Showtime

Burn Notice - July 10 USA

The Closer - July 14 TNT

Monk and Psych - July 18 USA

Mad Men - July 27 AMC

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WaywardJam said...

I've got the first two eps of In Plain Sight on my DVR but haven't watched it yet. Sounds like I need to find time this weekend.

Right now, I am salivating for the return of Burn Notice, Monk, and yes, oh yes PSYCH! I think Psych is my fave summer show of the lot!

Consider me Stealth.

Cat said...

We got so hooked on Mad Men last summer. I really thought it was brilliant. But now that we have more restricted cable (just the networks), I wonder if there's some other way for us to get the episodes...I'm hoping for full episode streaming on the AMC website! (can't hope the same for Big Love, the other show I watched religiously last summer.)

Jess said...

I know - I'm going to miss Weeds, we're not doing Showtime this summer and I really miss the Tudors too. Perhaps I can convince the bill-payer that we really need showtime.

Rachel said...

We got rid of our cable last August when we realized we only watch about 2 hours a week. It just didn't seem worth $100 month.

Sigh, but sometimes, I miss tv.