Friday, September 21, 2007

Burn Notice

Well, I didn't post on this amazing show until after the season finale, because I admit, I didn't think it could go the distance. However, the 2-hour season finale that showed last night proved that this show (unlike Prison Break) has many seasons within its inital story idea. Jeffrey Donovan (you've seen him in bit parts on every show) plays a former U.S. spy who has been "burned" which means he's been removed from the spy network and dropped in a city without ID, a job, money or means of getting any of these. Donovan's been dropped in Miami and somehow still wears his Gucci or Calvin Klein suits everywhere (which really works in Miami). The first season revolves around his trying to figure out who "burned" him, while doing small spy-jobs with two friends - Sam (a former navy seal who now reports on Donovan to the FBI) and Fiona (a former IRA hit-woman, and former girlfriend, played really well by Gabrielle Anwar!). The shows runs with commentary from Donovan explaining how to be a spy and the little things that you can do. It's very funny, and pretty informative if you are a paranoid person wanting to evade detection. Donovan is very cute and very smart, and his ability to piss off everyone in his life while still being their favorite person is terrific to watch. Check this out on USA as they re-run the whole season, or find it on DVD. You've got tons of time since the next season won't start until next summer!

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Cat said...

Okay, so this is very tangential, but your mention of Burn Notice being set in Miami made me think of it. Paul and I love Dexter, which stars Michael C. Hall from Six Feet Under. It is also set in Miami, and he is a forensics specialist who also happens to be a serial killer...with a (semi-)moral code. It's very gruesome at points (predictably given the subject matter), so I'm not sure you would like it. But it is extremely well written, and Hall is phenomenal in it.