Thursday, June 26, 2008

Random plug

Yesterday an amazing birthday gift arrived yesterday that I just can't not talk about. It's called a Roku and it'll allow you to watch movies from Netflix without even getting the DVDs. It connects to your Netflix account and then lets you watch instantly anything in the Netflix library of "instant" stuff. Lots of TV shows are available, and nearly all the PBS specials and most documentaries are available. Plus, many movies are becoming available. It works better than TiVo or DVR because you can see things you haven't taped or scheduled, you can just pick from a huge library. It was super easy to set up, you just need to have your internet connection near your TV or have a good wireless network as it connects to your Netflix library through the internet. It frees up your computer for use while you watch all kinds of things. Just a brilliant piece of magical technology. As my friend the Curmudgeon said, "I looooooove living in interesting technology times."

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