Friday, May 4, 2007

"Private Practice"

I assume you watched the new Grey's Anatomy episode last night that is the pilot for Kate Walsh's new series. I LOVED it. There were great actors from previous series that got a chance to be in what could be a terrific series. Merrin Dungey (the wonderful Franci from "Alias) plays Addison's best friend from med school who was recently divorced, though remains in the same practice with, Taye Diggs. In a totally different role, well still a smarty pants role, for Amy Brenneman (of "Judging Amy" fame) she's an emotional wreck of a psychiatrist. And finally, in a possibly very annoying role Timothy Daly (from "Wings") plays an alternative medicine practitioner. And finally, my favorite is Paul Adelstein, who was the evil guy from Prison Break (who ironically only just became a prisoner) playing Cooper, the man-child pursuing love on the internet with women who steal and strip his beautiful car. All of these very talented actors are in private practice together in a co-op type medical practice in L.A. which is the only place this sort of deal with play well. The best part of the episode was the moment that relived those diet Coke commericals where all the women in the office gather to watch the desk clerk go surfing for lunch and walk by them with his washboard abs. You could see the drool...I think it could be a terrific show - oh, and the elevator talks, in a nice way making fun of all the elevator hoopla that goes on in Seattle Grace. Shonda Rhimes is brilliant, mostly for bringing Marti Noxon (of both Angel and Buffy fame) to help with the writing and producing. I hope they put this show on the air, and I hope we like them more later.

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Cat said...

OMG, I totally should've recognized Marti Noxon in some of that dialogue last night! She's all about the "mmm-mmm good" appreciation of manflesh (Cf. Spike and Buffy). The cast is kinda incredible. I'm with you that alterno-medicine guy is already annoying as Generic Hottie Number 1. Speaking of Amy Brenneman, I totally thought I had flipped to the wrong channel and found a "Judging Amy" rerun when I turned to Grey's after the Office last night.