Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Goodbye Gilmore Girls

Okay, I haven't watched Gilmore Girls from the beginning, but at least since the middle of the 3rd season and actually own all the DVDs because this is definitely one of the best shows ever put on TV. Yes, it's a genre that doesn't appeal to everyone - lots of rapid-fire dialogue with obscure historical and pop culture references by a mother and daughter who share clothes, ideals, and a love for a small town. The creators, Amy Sherman Palladino and her husband Dan Palladino, left at the end of last season with a fairly difficult scenario for their successors to play out. The last 2 episodes have aired - after a quick notification that these will be the final two ever and not just for this 7th season. Unfortunately, the indecision of the upper levels can be felt in the episodes themselves - Rory just decides, with little explanation or discussion, to not follow her boyfriend, Logan, which felt contrived and very artificial for a relationship that weathered all kinds of other craziness. Then going into the final episode, I felt like Rory had finally gotten a dose of real life because she didn't get the big New York Times job, but had already turned down a good job that would have put her in the field she wanted right out of college. So she was at loose ends and felt real, then the final episode arrives and her life is nicely delivered wrapped up in a perfect bow with little effort on her part, once again. The writers wanted to end the whole show with no questions - they even put Luke and Lorelai back on good terms, but with no resolution to why they are insane about the marriage thing. Overall, it was definitely the time to end the series, and kind of unfortunate that it ended in such an un-Gilmore Girls way. I do love that the town was once again brought to its crazy height of lunacy over Rory's graduation, and Luke showed he loved both Rory and Lorelai.

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Cat said...

I only watched the last few minutes, and realizing that that was the last time we would see Rory and Lorelai in Luke's diner made me sad, but I have to say the fact that the show TOTALLY abandoned its tone this season made me give up on it too. I'm glad that they aren't going to have another season of Rory and Lorelai being mushy. (though I didn't watch most of this season so probably shouldn't judge...) I heard from other friends that the Rory Logan break-up was tremendously unsatisfying and abrupt.