Friday, March 16, 2012

Trying for 900

My 5-year blogaversary is in about 3 weeks - April 10th.  I'd really like to hit 900 posts (I need almost 40 posts in 3 weeks, so forgive me if you get sick of me). I want to do this mostly because Rachel will hit 1000 posts and I want to live up a little bit to my half of the podcast team effort.  We were joking that I should do a movie mashup every day until then, so I'm gonna try.  Since the current leaderboard is rather evenly divided, I'll just add to it, and there will be over 20 opportunities to guess in the next few days.  I'll keep a running leader total, but since I'm going to try to set up all the posts in advance, there won't be answers posted until the last day - though they will appear in the comments obviously!  I hope everyone who reads this will participate and help me get to 900 posts by April 10th.  And with all the effort it'll take, please show your support by at least trying to guess the answers.  Some will be really easy and some will definitely be pretty difficult.

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