Thursday, March 29, 2012

2012 March Madness Movie Style!!!

You know I love to play games with movies - I might stink at most of them (*cough Last Lamb Standing), but that doesn't mean I don't like to try.  I've entered this one every year and usually do pretty well.  Either way, I think you should definitely go to MAN I LOVE FILMS to download your bracket and be sure to enter.  Here are the rules and prizes:

The rules:
1. For each matchup, select which film will have the higher box office. Continue through the bracket until a champion has been crowned.
2. Scoring per round will be 1-2-4-8-12, for a possible total of 76 points (see table in workbook).
3. For the tie-breaker, enter your predicted top 5 films (box office) from the ones listed. One point for will be rewarded for each correct film, and an additional point for proper placement, for a potential 10 points. In the case of a tie, if one person’s tie-breaker portion is not filled out, the other will win.
4. Brackets MUST be turned in (sent to dylan [at] no later than April 6.
5. Box office data will be counted from April 6 – September 16, 2012.
6. One entry per person.

The prizes:
Still up in the air (as usual). I’ll be throwing in a TBD prize pack at the least, and am hoping to get the community-at-large involved in the prize-giving (I’d like to have prizes for the top 3 finishers), so if there’s something you can offer to the prize pool, please let me know. Hopefully, we can get a nice prize pack going (more on this later). We had 34 players the first year and 38 the last two years, so just a few items will make it that much more worth it.

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