Friday, March 30, 2012

My Top Movies: # 11-20

In an effort to get to 900 posts by my 5th Blogoversary, I'm going to countdown my Top 10 Movies, but before we get to my Top 10 Countdown, I thought I'd show you the films that didn't quite make the list.  I have never claimed to have actual good taste in films.  I know what I like and I tend to watch them a lot.  I own all of these movies and have rewatched them at least once in the last year, some of them a few times depending on their TV showings as well.  There is definitely a trend toward movies that end well, have a romantic message and generally really good writing.  

11. Waitress - It's the pie.  Every single time I watch this, I'm hungry and I want to be able to make a really good pie.  One of the things this movies does well is cultivate hope.  It makes you want to have people in your life to make pie for.  Duh, Nathan Fillion.

12. 10 Things I hate about you - Easily the greatest modern retelling of Shakespeare in film.  This high school version of Taming of the Shrew does a good job sticking pretty close to its source material without relying on you to actually have read it to understand anything.  Can't really beat Jo-Go and Heath Ledger in the same film.  

13. Good Will Hunting - I think it's the writing.  I don't like Minnie Driver in this, but I love the story and the quick witty dialogue.  It tickles my inner nerd.

14. Dogma - If Good Will Hunting reaches my inner nerd, then Dogma speaks to my Catholic upbringing.  Much in the same way Aaron Sorkin did during The West Wing, Kevin Smith attacks the inconsistencies in religion.  And it's funny as hell.

15. Sliding Doors - I love the way this takes a look at changing a single moment in your life.  When I'm driving and realize I haven't been paying attention and swerve a little to stay on the road, I often think how my life would change if the alternate universe happened where I didn't stay on the road.  Then I try to drive more carefully.  But the interplay between fate and opportunity is really well put together in this. 

16. The Proposal - What can I say, Ryan Reynolds is hot and Sandra Bullock is funny.  

17. V for Vendetta - Hugo Weaving is frickin' amazing.  He does the whole movie with a mask on and unraveling the mystery behind his mask draws me in every time.  Oh, and watching Natalie Portman try to fight off oppression in her own little ways is neat. 

18. O, Brother Where Art Thou? - It's the music.  Oh, and George Clooney.  The way he delivers the lines as Ulysses Everett McGill and makes this retelling of the Odyssey brilliant in its simplicity of tone and complexity of story and characters. 

 19. A Few Good Men - You can't handle the truth.  This drama, back when Cruise was at his best makes me watch it EVERY TIME it's on TV.  I like the element of questioning what you know to be true turning your whole outlook upside down.  And that you can be wrong, but be the good guy too.

20. Love, Actually - If you've ever listened to Reel Insight, and why wouldn't you, you already know that I love this movie, Christmas or not.  


Rachel said...

A very respectable list. The only one I haven't seen all of is Sliding Doors. Some of my favorites are represented.

Jess said...

Thanks! I do like the list. Makes me want to go watch them all again.