Monday, March 7, 2011

Reel Insight Episode 37: Emily Blunt

Rachel and I had a busy day on Skype on Saturday recording both the Battle Royale and Episode 37.  We had a lot of fun doing both, so I bet you will listening too!  We discussed Knight and Day, Never Let Me Go, some great TV and the perfectly pleasant career of Emily Blunt.  Enjoy!  Also, all of our back episodes are finally available for free!  You can check them out or download them here.


insight said...

Nice video. Thanks for sharing.

CS said...

Great podcast ladies! While I was not a fan of The Adjustment Bureau I do like Blunt as an actress.

I had no idea that she was the actress who played Tamsin in My Summer of Love. I saw the film a few years ago before she became a household name. Although she was good in Prada, my favourite performance of hers is Norah of Sunshine Cleaning. I know you guys were not wowed by it, but I thought the film was far better than most give it credit for being.

filmgeek said...

Finally heard this and loved the Emily Blunt discussion. Gotta admit that I loved The Young Victoria though - so much so that I saw it twice in the cinema and got it on DVD asap. I'm not remotely keen on the monarchy or period films but I totally lost myself in the production design and the romance of it all