Saturday, March 19, 2011

Desert Island mix CD

Over at Anomalous Materials, Castor has created a world where we've survived a plane crash and have only our favorite CD to listen to - and since we're movie buffs of course our mix comes from only movie soundtracks. All of the tracks I chose are both songs I like independently from the movie, and songs that evoke a sensation of the movie. And yes, I already know I like cheesy pop type music, feel free to comment and mock me, but know I'm well aware.

1. I’m a believer – Smash Mouth Shrek

2. You Make my Dreams Hall & Oates – 500 Days of Summer

3. Forrest Gump Suite – Alan Silvestri – Forrest Gump

4. Stuck in the Middle with You – Stealers Wheel – Reservoir Dogs

5. Fly Away - Kossoy Sisters - O Brother Where art thou

6. Anyone at all – Carole King – You’ve got mail

7. You’ve got a friend in me – Randy Newman – Toy Story

8. Jump (for my love) – Pointer Sisters – Love, Actually
Sorry - you gotta go to this one yourself - here
9. Let my love open the door – Pete Townshend – Gross Point Blank (and Leon according to this video!)

10. I want you to want me – Letters to Cleo – 10 Things I hate about you

11. Beyond the Seas – Robbie Williams – Finding Nemo

12. Kokomo – Beach Boys (or the Muppets) - Cocktail


Buttercup said...

I could live with a lot of these picks, especially the Robbie Williams "Beyond the Sea."

Colleen said...

What a wonderful mix! I love all these songs. Hall & Oates rock and I loved that song being in 500 Days of Summer.

Jess said...

Hey Buttercup - I bet you'd enjoy them all!

Colleen - Thanks. I didn't have to go far, most of the songs I love happen to be in movies too.

Castor said...

Lots of upbeat, pick-me-up songs on this CD. Let's face it, that's probably the way to go and you might be the only survivor after a year or two while the rest of us jumped off a cliff ahah

David Bishop said...

I got way too much Smash Mouth back then. I can't listen to them anymore without being annoyed just a little bit. Maybe if they didn't overplay them, the story would be different.

Otherwise, I think I can get behind your list.

Jess said...

Castor - what can I say, that's who I am, and definitely the music I can listen to forever! I have thought of a few more, but they all fit right into the same genre.

David - I'm with you on Smashmouth in general - way overplayed (like Lady Antebellum today perhaps, that song's driving me NUTS). But I still really like this song.

Anonymous said...

Really, you could almost include the whole soundtrack for "Ten Things I Hate About You," which is one of my favorite movie soundtracks. I still can't hear "Stuck in the Middle with You" on the radio without cringing because of the torture scene in "Reservoir Dogs."

Fletch said...

Mock mock mock mock mock. ;) You know how, in your profile, the first thing you say is "I am an optimist?" Well, in case anyone didn't see that, this list would be the prime bit of evidence. Wow, these are some chipper songs! Not bad, per se, but if they're all I have on my desert island, the happiness will either be infectious and make me overjoyed...or possibly drive me to murder/suicide. I can't decide which.

Jess said...

Meredith - I think I included the wrong 10 Things song - the Heath Ledger song is better.

Fletch - Yup, these are my kind of songs. I didn't have to look too far to pick 'em either. I'd have the right music to dance to, so I'd be all set. I could run away from you when the music drove you crazy.