Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I love you, man: review

Some friends showed up last night to surprise me that they actually want to go see, I love you, man and I couldn't have been happier. I love Paul Rudd, from Object of my Affection to Knocked UP, and Jason Segal from "How I met your mother". The ads make the plot fairly clear, Rudd is getting married and has never really had lots of male friends. This seems to make his fiancee nervous, so he tries to go out and meet a guy friend. He gets help from his gay brother - no dinners, sends the wrong message and finally meets Sydney Fife (Segal) at an open house. Fife uses open houses to get free food and meet divorced women. Rudd is intrigued by his honesty and they start hanging out and hitting it off. Of course this makes some of Rudd's manly qualities take over and annoy his fiancee. They jam together playing Rush music, go to concerts, eat and drink and talk about sex and women. Basically, all the things best friends should do. It's very funny without the gross-out humor that Judd Apatow's movies always seem to have. The acting is really good - Paul Rudd is awkward, using stupid phrases on the phone, saying goodbye. He struggles to figure out why he doesn't have guy friends and why not having any has left him without the self-confidence guys provide. Segal was terrific too. He's an unknown quantity, so he pulls off the maybe creepy, maybe genuine friend really well. They're both really funny, and the screenplay is very funny. However, I have one tiny complaint. Men should NEVER wear Uggs with shorts, walking on the beach. Should not be done. 4.5 stars/lambs


Reel Whore said...

I agree. The Uggs, shorts and scarf combo was tough to look at! Rudd is adorable and this is the best movie released so far this year.

CMrok93 said...

Thanks to the incredible chemistry of its two leads, I Love You, Man stands as one of the best buddy comedies since Swingers.