Sunday, March 22, 2009

Duplicity: Review

I'm back from vacation (a wonderful sun-filled, food-filled, healing vacation) and will post reviews of the 7 movies I saw this week! I will start with the most recent because I so rarely see movies on opening day, Duplicity. I was excited to see Julia Roberts and Clive Owen again as they did such a good job torturing each other in Closer. As we watched the previous crowd leave the theater, I heard a few times it was quite confusing, so I paid close attention, and have to say it wasn't confusing. Yes, it jumps back and forth in time a bit, but they carefully tell you when it is. The basic plot surrounds Roberts as a ex-CIA agent and Owen as ex-MI6 combining their talents to make their fortune through corporate espionage. It's a long-con so they spend a lot of time trying to plan their way in and out. They're funny together and the movie is reminiscent of the Ocean's series of movies, but not as complicated or funny or satisfying. It was good, with quick, clever dialogue and just the right length. I think it was hard to support people trying to rob from the rich to be really rich. The Robin Hood aspect of most good spy stories just wasn't present. The chemistry between Roberts and Owen was good and they're funny teasing each other, but there's no huge payoff at the end (not really a spoiler - I meant payoff in the sense of getting something out of watching the movie). 3.5 Lambs/stars

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Fletch said...

I've been a bit afraid that this won't be good, but it's still probably next on the list. Glad you mostly enjoyed it.