Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Premiere Week - Tuesday's Best

Bones has held on through being on the same network as American Idol, pushed from time period to time period, and I've been rooting for it since the first episode. And it just keeps getting better and better. They tend to rotate between kind of silly focus (Booth shooting a clown) and really serious (serial killers), and the season premiere was serious and perfectly nerdy, with a great back-story about Angela's first husband - whose name "might have a B in it". It was kind of scary with the whole cannibal element, but all the characters were back in full-force and their interactions are always good. My only complaint was the drastic hair changes that occurred in the 4 months they've been off the air. Small complaint.

House is starting off well too. With the departure of his staff, the whole episode going to prove that House only does well when he has a smart variety of people to disagree with him and challenge him to think outside the box. Also, he's now going to start an Apprentice type competition to fill the vacant positions - though we know the old staff is still on the show's intro, so I'm guessing they're coming back. Robert Sean Leonard's scenes of stealing House's guitar and just hysterical! Still on top of its game and starting to go in a new direction that will be terrific.

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