Monday, September 24, 2007

Premiere Week - Monday Comedies

How I Met Your Mother - This show is in my top 5 returning shows. It's still very sharp, and still inventing (or at least making those of us aware of) new terms. "Tramp Stamp" - being drunk and getting a tattoo to impress a girl. Mandy Moore guests as the "tramp" to be Ted's rebound girl when Robin brings home Enrique Iglesias as her rebound guy. There are some great arguments as Ted shaves his "break-up beard" (apparently a beard all guys grow when a relationship ends) and the others make fun of the shapes he creates shaving. I love this show and am very happy it made it to it's third season.

The Big Bang Theory - Two REALLY nerdy roommates live across the hall from a new hot woman. Sheldon is the seriously socially awkward one (his answer to the hot girl being a vegetarian is that his roommate "Leonard can't process corn", and "it took you 4 years to get through high school?!"), and seems both somewhat autistic and kind of sweet. Leonard ("David" from Roseanne) is less awkward, and kind of groans at Sheldon's faux pas, but is not a whole lot better at getting the girl to be their friend. Basically, it's written waiting for a laugh after almost every line, but most of them are really funny. They actually have 2 other "friends" who are just as nerdy (one from the recently cancelled Studio 60) bringing over a historical lecture by Stephen Hawking for fun. I'm not sure they can keep up the nerd jokes forever, but this episode is hysterical!!!

Two and a Half Men -
The premiere wasn't anything remarkable. Jake (the kid) is starting junior high school, and basically Alan and Charlie spend the whole time telling him how to avoid getting beat up, flushed, and robbed. They scare him pretty well, while leaving out all the fun they must have had at some point. There are a few jokes, but overall it started out really slow. The sub-plot is that Charlie has jock itch and scratches everywhere, with just about anything. It's two jokes they play out forever. It's much too simple even for a 30-minutes show! Very disappointing for such a great show in the past.

I'll write about the dramas later today after I've watched them!!

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julie said...

How I met your mother was fantastic! I kept laughing out loud. Aside from "tramp stamp", "male Gail" was pretty hilarious too! And Marshall was just great in the episode!

I'm so glad that TV is back on!